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 Specialty Drinks
Strawberry Shortcake . . . a hint of almond!
Nutty, almond amaretto, juicy red strawberries and ice cream blended and presented in a big, round glass ... delicious!  
Margarita . . . absolutely great
If you have a big thirst to quench, this is the drink for you...Lemon, Triple Sec and Tequila.  
Midori Margarita . . . a tasty western treat
A margarita with a tasty blend of melon flavor that gets right to the point.  
Personal Bloody Mary . . . from wild to mild
Blended to your request...but always smooth! Served with pepperoni and a slice of lime.  
Bloody Mary Antipasto . . . refreshing and satisfying
Our own super size Bloody Mary with nibblers - pepperoni, chives, celery and onions.  
Sours . . . Whiskey or Apricot
Smooth and creamy...you'll never guess our secret but you'll know there's no other sour like it! Just the right tang.  
Creamsicle . . . a joy to behold
A delicious blend of Creme de Cocoa, orange juice and ice cream presented in a Bolla Grande glass with whipped cream... we've come a long way, baby.  
Beef 'n' Barrel 'Milkshake' . . . a Fantasy
An exotic blend of Drambuie, Tia Maria, Bailey's Irish Creme, Galliano and ice cream...served in a Bolla Grande glass topped with whipped cream.  
Strawberry Daiquiri . . . pink delight
Fresh strawberries make the difference...a smooth refreshing rum drink topped with whipped cream and a strawberry.  
Bosco Bear . . . wild 'n' wonderful
A truly different taste, blending Kahlua, dark Creme de Coco and ice cream with a whipped cream topping. Very smooth and easy to enjoy.  
Pina Colada . . . tropical treat
Coconut, pineapple and ice cream with Ron Coco bring the tropics to your table.  
Strawberry Colada . . .right out of the strawberry patch
For a different tropical taste, try our Pina Colada blended with fresh strawberries, Berry delicious!